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Locally-Brewed Material

Unix Security Intro This document offers an introduction to security, mainly for Unix-like machines and outlines "recipes" where appropriate. (Available online in HTML and in paginated/DVI/PS/PDF; maintained by Simon Hood.)
Kernel Patches, EtcIn Preparation. (Done: LIDS; mostly done: SE Linux) SELinux, LIDS, mandatory access controls, GR Security, RSBAC...
Diagnostics & Forensics The beginnings of a set of notes intended to help answer the questions: "Has my machine been hacked/rooted?" and "What are those bloody users up to?"
Kernel Related Links and Notes Rough notes and links --- kernel/rootkit related.

Intrusion Detection, Forensics...

Checking 'nix Systems for Compromise (PDF)


Linux Secure
Debian Security
debiansec.com index, services (vsftp, mySQL, OpenSSH, Squid)
Securing and Optimizing Linux The Ultimate Solution v2.0
Securing Debian HOWTO

Vulnerability Sites


Meta Sites

packetstormsecurity.org Tools, vulnerabilities, papers For example, the Nearly Complete Guide to LKM Modules hacking
insecure.org Tools, vulnerabilites, featured news...

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