Doc-U-Lib: an Introduction

Simon Hood, ISD

What is it (for)?


Features of Doc-U-Lib

Remote access: Web-Based
Accessible on any platform from anywhere...

Document Trees
Separate collections of documents.

Access Control

Version Control
All (previously) uploaded versions of a document accessible.

A Library Entry

Definitive Document
Editable version, e.g., doc, xls...

View-only Document
Viewable/printable version, e.g., pdf, ps or eps...

Author, Uploader
Author of a document and the person who uploaded it are recorded (not necessarily same).

Date of upload --- used in version control.

Each entry contains a set of keywords on which searches may be based, e.g., image, finance, draft...

A short description of the uploaded documents; displayed during navigation without necessity of downloading and opening.

All fields are "archived" when new versions of documents are uploaded; old version of documents may be accessed.

Logging In (Choosing a Tree)

Navigating Through a Tree

Reading/Viewing a File

Uploading a New Entry

Click on "new document" (near top-right-hand corner):

  1. fill in fields;
  2. send/cancel/reset;
N.B. Big uploads...

Entry (required)
Name of entry in docUlib.

File def/view (one required)
Paths and names to file(s) to be uploaded. (Simplest to use Browse.)
(Must be different from eachother.)

Defaults to current user (the uploader).

Can search on these. (Perhaps classify in future?)

A short description of the uploaded documents: displayed during navigation; searches too.

Uploading a New Version of an Entry

Search Facilities

Currently, of current document versions:

Constraints: Planned:


Logging Out (Timing Out)


To-Do, Plans

Admin Tool


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